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lpkfuse - SSH Public Keys in LDAP using FUSE

This is a works in progress:

Configuration Files


;uri      =
;uri      =,
uri       = ldap://, ldaps://, ldapi:///

;username = "cn=username,ou=accounts,dc=example,dc=com"
;password = the-biggest-secret

; timeout in seconds
;timeout  = 5

base    = "ou=accounts,dc=example,dc=com"
filter  = (objectClass=posixAccount)
key     = cn


#lpkfuse#       /opt/lpkfuse    fuse    ro,config=/etc/ssh/lpkfuse,debug         0  0
#lpkfuse#       /opt/lpkfuse    fuse    ro,config=/etc/ssh/lpkfuse,verbose       0  0
lpkfuse#        /opt/lpkfuse    fuse    ro,config=/etc/ssh/lpkfuse               0  0

N.B. Debian users should look at Debian Bug #526115 - [fuse-utils] fuse entries in fstab are not mounted automatically.


AuthorizedKeysFile      /opt/lpkfuse/%u


It is worth configuring the OOM system to pass over the daemon for obvious reasons:

echo -17 > /proc/$(pgrep lpkfuse)/oom_adj || true
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